To the women: which these three men would choose? Man A: End of 20, has an average job where he does not deserve much but is sufficient for him because he can handle money well . He looks averaging, he is not ugly, but rather unobtrusively, nothing speci
Which man would you decide?
Moin, Now no really interesting question But just wants to know what you just hear most. Whether artists, band, genre skin just out Israel I find older songs very well. Bruce Springsteen: Touver Than The Rest / The River Thom Pace: Maybe Sarah The song W
Which song does you like to hear?
Hello everybody, I have been sexually excited in an exaggerated way for several months. I have no partner and therefore I masturbate every day. Sometimes 5-7 times without a break in between. (I'm 19 years old) I can not control myself and I am aware tha
Masturbating, sex addiction, strong desire for masturbation?
Islam critic usually claim that Islam is to blame for Islamism. Colonialism is not the sole cause of the emergence of Islamism, as little as it is responsible for all problems of the decolonized Arab and other Islamic states. However, his essential featu
Does Europe contribute the main debt to the emergence of Islamism and the proble
Glass bottles Choose 57% Plastic bottles CHOOSE 43% Madeline actually plastic because easier to wear or on the go. Also does not give everything I like to drink in glass bottles. Would like to buy less plastic ... If there is so automatic in my closer ar
Do you prefer to buy glass bottles or plastic bottles?
Hello, I wanted to know if it is allowed when I transport my shot gun in the sealed weapons suitcase in my travel bag, I would then get problems if I might be checked and then the locked weapon suitcase in my Find travel bag? Patrick The entrance is proh
Transport shotgun weapon on the train with weapons suitcases?
So God can produce everything he wants and destroy that again. I wonder God actually destroy yourself Please only meaningful answers Debbie Hello Locas410, If you follow the statements of certain contents of beliefs, God is omnipotent - which may always
You are invited here to name all topics that are no longer tolerated, tattered, debrowed, or ignored many places. This is to serve as a collective tank for personal experiences, because I want to write an article about it, and also wants to install a few
Free utterance: What can you not talk about?
Hello I have myself problems so I get a latte at school so 3 times and I'm scared that I'm called and keeping at the presentation I sometimes panick that the way you know what you can do so maybe something you can do something Deflected would help me in
Latte in the class What to do?
Javier Yes, z. B. The Party! Vivian The party even makes more such advertising Nathan : -) My patent subsidiary shows Just a photo of an afd poster. House task was to make photos of the election posters of the parties. On the AFD poster is easy. Free. Li
Makes Eig. A party only approximately as much fiercal advertising like the AFD?
I find the afd. The AFD Choose 62% The green choose 18% the left choose 15% The CDU / CSU CHOOSE 3% Others Choose 3% The SPD CHOOSE 0% The FDP Choose 0% Dana This is coming now ... When it comes to policies, my opinion is: Green / SPD When it comes to be
What is the worst party in the Bundestag?
I turned a few days 19 and love a girl is 16. Since I do not want to do anything wrong, I wanted to ask if something is ok or the age is too big. Marvin Hello Anamontana! completely normal and often not bad Have a nice evening Nathan Bad in Two relations
Boy 19, girl 16 in a relationship bad or oke?
Marlene He has allowed her to transfer German tax millions to the United States through Cum & Ex. See 75A4-4031-A9D7-68CA53C839F6 https://s
What does Olaf Scholz have to do with the Warburg Bank?
Would that be bad? Marsha No, that would not be bad at all. But on the contrary. Everything is better than CDU / CSU, SPD and GREEN. We have to finally become more progressive, open to what new and the party has next to satire also a very good election p
What would happen if
Today, a friend of my sister was visiting that looks pretty good. I was on toilet earlier and there everything was clean and then she went to Clo and when I came back on the wardrades Three four short hair. Where do they come from? Are the pubic hair? Th
Are the pubic hair or what do you think?
I have two cats like her seen in the pictures. I'd like two Warrior Cats names for you. They are both cats, no hangover, so please only kittenines names. As you look like you see on the pictures. This is the one ... ... and the other. Brendan So you can
What a Warrior Cats name?
Ebony Yes, he may. But is unusual. You should have sovereign counter or - if that too is too impressed - ignore the question skillfully. Brandi It is not punishable but such questions are really inappropriate if you just knows the person zero. Of course
May a foreign adult man just ask me if I already wear tangas!?
Ginger The former Community currency € became a debt union The € states of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and France are de facto state insolvent. The Corona pandemic has the situation of MM-border states for the tourism existentially exacerbated. If y
Why does AfD want to abolish the euro?
. Cedric JAP :) CARY Some. Demands are available. Katherine Yes, unfortunately. But you will not blind, do not worry. That had the Kath. Church thought. Colleen No, what does something want to write about it?
Just so there are really people who only write about SB?
Hey community! There are so many comfortable garments that you prefer never want to take off again. What is your favorite? Incidentally, the question refers to tops. LG LenydiaMango
Clothing: Which is the most comfortable for you?