Hello, I wanted to know if it is allowed when I transport my shot gun in the sealed weapons suitcase in my travel bag, I would then get problems if I might be checked and then the locked weapon suitcase in my Find travel bag? Patrick The entrance is proh
Transport shotgun weapon on the train with weapons suitcases?
Hello I have myself problems so I get a latte at school so 3 times and I'm scared that I'm called and keeping at the presentation I sometimes panick that the way you know what you can do so maybe something you can do something Deflected would help me in
Latte in the class What to do?
Hey community! There are so many comfortable garments that you prefer never want to take off again. What is your favorite? Incidentally, the question refers to tops. LG LenydiaMango
Clothing: Which is the most comfortable for you?
Why is this bird threatened from extinction and you can eat it. Erick It's a bird from the Fasan family. And you can eat that too. He was much hunted and partially destroyed his habitat. That's why it is threatened by extinction.
Question about the Auerhahn.?
Have little idea about religion and would like to know more. Can Christians lead a love relationship and then carry out sexual practices before marriage? Please prove with Bible locations ... Islam and Judaism are unless I know. Yes Choose 56% No Choose
To the Christians: Is a relationship and sex before marriage allowed in Christia
Silvia One of me, I always change from time to time, I do not need a collection I think that's pretty annoying even with make up just the most important thing I really need and not 15 lipsticks of which I vllt 2-3 Use .... Blake Oh, as we make many revie
How many perfumes do you have?
Emily Hello Insomnia4u Slave of the time .. Today's person is constantly under pressure .. constantly you have to do something here and there Constantly on rush .. But where remains the rest? People who begin to meditate for the first time quickly - it's
What interprets you in this picture?
Have such a gray metal bed frame and it squeaks every time I move what Mega annoys because I wake up 100 times at night. What can I do there? Maybe somewhere oils or something? No I can not just buy a new bed except someone of you thinking can transfer t
What do against squeaking metal bed?
Do not misunderstand the question, but how are women pee? So how is the urine in women? I talked about the topic shortly with my best friend about the topic, and she said she would not sit on a toilet, but for example, try to pee or squat pee, her urine
How do women pee?
Bernard I think that can not be answered. Because something like a landscape is notarized notarized. Maybe even today was the last. Camille is not two years ago: https://www.morenpost.de/vermombe/article228200901/Panama-sektigtert-sechs-kinder-und-schwan
When would the last human victim work?
Hello! I have been driving instructor for 14 years and so far I stayed - different, like my male colleagues - spared by loversed driving students always. Recently I got a letter in which a former student admits romantic feelings for me. I'm totally perpl
Storage student in love with me?
Hey I M14 wants to make a penis comparison with guys in my age but how? Sandy By scrolling the pants and say to another 14-year-old: show yours. However, the reactions may be varied. Monica While asking other guys. But do not expect that everyone says Jo
I M14 penis comparison?
The chances of becoming Olaf Scholz (SPD) Chancellor are good. Karl Laudutbach (SPD) has already said in an interview that he would have interest to become a health minister. However, it is also unpopular with many, is often referred to and criticized as
Survey: Is the mask obligation abolished when Karl Lauderbach becomes a health m
I always thought that if you have more money at the cash register than you have to pay for you to get no return. That's why I always thought that everyone is stupid because they have never given the money to match :). What's the attitude? Salvador Ha, th
What are stupid things that you thought as a child?
Beer Nix Choose 75% 0.2 Choose 8% 1 liter choose 8% More than 2 liters of choose 4% Comes on Choose 4% 0.5 CHOOSE 0% 1-2 liters Choose 0% Rebecca Daily not at all, rather twice a week half a liter Irvin Do not drink alcohol daily. Quite rarely a cola bee
How many liters per day does your beer