Where do I get drinking water where?

2021-07-08 22:03:11 MARIE

Hello, today is a pretty warm day and I have very strong thirst. Unfortunately, I do not have a money right now and therefore do not know how I can come to which.


depends on where you are.

There are many possibilities, but depending on the environment only a few not work.

Some examples

Save a faucet
desalting seawater
grave a fountain
catch condensing water on
Prepare your own urine again
Save a water dispenser
Melt ice cream
Also The next bacheline includes water
A fresh yeast wheat should also help against the "thirst"

As you see, there are many possibilities.


Since you are traveling, you can ask in the shop around a glass of tap water. The next faucet is never far, and when it's on the public toilet. This does not do anyone in the ruin, friendly questionn assumed.

A mug can be replaced by holding together of both hands. So I learned that in my childhood already at the public fountain.


In DE is the water that comes from the line drinking water.

In any case, the water you in have every household. So just go into the kitchen and make the faucet and you already have drinking water.

Where do I get drinking water where?