How do you get in the presence of others?

2021-07-11 14:00:36 ADRIENNE

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In fact, this is often the same for me. I am quite social about family or close friends. But in people in my old age, I as if I am better than the ... and in older / younger behavior I behave pretty socially and helpful :)


Coming on it. The other day my aunt and her guy were there, have only talked about old camels, cemetery, road plans, garden and so. Then I was gone soon. And in between you throw something into conversation and then gets a boring monologue for a short sentence. Then I prefer other people.


Depending on the situation.

I can not generalize that.


I have noticed when I was alone in the city for the first time, where I work ... I was so damn great. And you have seen anyone that I was totally scared. Until I finally hit a few policemen and asked why it's going to the train station .... I had lost myself in the city center ... and then those who finally accompany me in the very cozy walk to the station.

In this situation with the policemen, of course, I had no more afraid, because I finally had uniformed next to me


As always. Why should I behave differently? You can also take a competition.

How do you get in the presence of others?