Do not I get an answer because I'm a woman?

2021-07-14 03:02:10 GEOFFREY

Hey I am female and like to become a car mechatronist.

I've already sent 10 internships applications but not yet get 1 answer. Can it be that I can not get an answer because I'm a woman?

I got 1 cancellation but otherwise I never heard something?

Women have to be heavier in the profession, so women are relucted?

No Choose 73%

Yes Choose 27%


I have sent the applications by email


If I now rehearptically n man wants to be transgender. Would I have it easier? Because then I would be an externally a man


When it comes to an internship, write CV (phone and e-mail) write, print and take.

Make a list of the desired businesses, research if the operation uses for anything (local sports club, etc.), simply have a background knowledge to show interest in operation.

It is likely to be asked: "Why with us".

Personally stop. The workshop / director ask if he has some time for you. Nice if you already know his name and himcan appeal to personally.

Neat outfit (not overstyle), friendly view and thank you / please do not forget (thanks for the conversation, time taken, etc.).

understandable, plausible explanation, why You want to become a mechatroniker.

Good luck.


possible, but maybe you are just not so well qualified as your competitors, unfortunately, in places, are planned Actually already occupied, do not present yourself as well as other ...

Since you can speculate a lot here.

Asked friends and well-known / family for suggestions for improvement, which is concerned with your CV, your cover letter, etc., maybe even for personal advice about the agency for work.
Alsocan you ask directly - in the company that has given you a cancellation, whether you could give you a more detailed justification (where you will, of course, in doubt no one will say "because you have two X chromosomes") and in those From which you have heard nothing more, whether / when you could count on so about a feedback. With that you bring you if necessary again, if your application may simply go somewhere.


I have no experience but just drive to a farm and give the Application personally, sometimes an application is also simply under


In which period exactly did you send the applications out and do you haveIn the run-up, for example, if more actors are accepted at all?

You must not forget that we do not have to live by the still not completely eliminated Covid-19 pandemic in curious times in which right-wing interns are currently not necessarily with Open arms are welcomed.


Because you can not properly express yourself. Plural of internship is internships. You can also say internships. A male candidate with the bad spelling skills would have just as little a chance.

Do not I get an answer because I'm a woman?