Which car brand does you like yourself?

2021-07-19 03:01:13 WILSON

Which car brand do you like and why?

Mercedes Choose 33%

Other brand CHOOSE 33%

BMW Choose 11%

Audi Choose 11%

Ferrari Choose 6 %

Bugatti Choose 6%

Porsche Choose 0%


Benzer Simply Best XD

Ne without fun, Mercedes Benz really makes a good job and that for years. In addition, I just find the older models (190s, W124, W202) really horny and they also keep something out. Besides, I know from confidential sources that if something has to be re-made, that usually in the older models is not even so heavy and you do not necessarily have to visit a workshop ^^



We had several as a second car, two-course and a charade.

The goods all three extremely reliable, very economical, small and therefore appropriate, not suitable for specifying, ( What makes me a car already very sympathetic) and a Daihatsu stand ZNot at every corner. So that was not a brand that had "everyone".

Unfortunately, Daihatsu will no longer be offered as new cars in Europe.


. 1. Office is sure Toyota. 2.Lexus and 3rd Honda.


1. Volkswagen

2. Mercedes

3. Audi

4. BMW


Volvo I find quite chic, even good enough that I have a drive now.

Which car brand does you like yourself?