Where do you drive in the holidays?

2021-07-20 06:02:31 PHILLIP

Moin, I'm interested in where the German go everywhere in the holidays !!!

I'm z.B drive to Norway !!!


Two weeks of camps in the Franconian Lake Land, then a week to the Czech Republic, then 3 nights to Cuxhaven and 2 nights to Hamburg. Then 2 nights to Dusseldorf.


Am Austrian, hopefully I can still answer: (

We were 1 week in Grado and drive in early August 2 weeks to Sweden (Lapland, Stockholm)


I stay at home. My Greece holidays I have lucky ...


to Rostock, Heidelberg and Lübeck.

Greece would not be a risk area, I would fly to Corfu and Rohdos


I drive to the North Sea on an island

Where do you drive in the holidays?