Does the hobby gaming make stupid? Why are there so many bad prejudices about th

2021-07-21 07:01:09 OSCAR

I do not come up with the idea of ​​calling dancing or chess games as a waste of time?

or reading ... or rumbadeln or or ...

Why does it have to As a gamer, I constantly listen to how meaningless and time-flexible my hobby would be?

Gaming is a lot more today, gaming is art, challenge, tension, thrills, reading, philosophically and much more ...

But one should not say it on a date !!

If you get to know new people & enumerates as Hobbies, you are equal to the '' Nerd ''. And silence occurs.

When I dance say, it is immediately asked what I dance, if I train etc.

Do you find a person more interesting if he says he plays a lot? Probably not ...

I appreciate the gaming, I'm someone who often plays Choose 74%

I rarely play, find the hobby interesting. Choose 26%

Gaming is not for me, but find it as a hobby absolutely okay choose 0%

Gaming is not for me, find it childish & pointless. CHOOSE 0%

I rarely, find it as a hobby not attractive choose 0%


Gaming has long been more than just arrow keys to print and play Snake. You can very well train his logical thinking, very improving his reaction time and coordination will only be better. Sure, you can quickly lose sight of the time, but what does not mean it's bad.

That screens are not the best for the eyes are also everyone and you should also break breaks, but talk to sins Do not mind.


Many have probably certain prejudices that Gaming is predominantly just something for "nerds", even if it has now developed into a huge market with millions of players, I guess some people will just never arrive in the presence


was always so

But it is also on the school at work even in the kindergarten it was never good considered if you say that you can go

That's why I should have to have to Also for years lies and say, for example, I'm troubled with friends or football games

At the date I find I can tell you calmly that you like to play women's gamble just as likes










I play every day for about 3-4 hours and do not find it stupid. On the contrary, I read an article about 2 years ago.

Since in a nursing home, a Nintendo console I believe I believe a switch on study purposes.

Before gambling, all participants were tested and divided into 2 groups.

DIe One group was not allowed to play the other first. After 4 weeks a test was made again and the group was allowed to play the games made better results than the first test the second largely the same. then If swapped after 4 weeks tested and then those who did not want to play the results again identically with the first test and the Zockergruppe cut out better. Playing can positively influence the cognitive abilities. Sonia There are quite games with elaborate game mechanics that are very demanding. Of course, boring non-demanding games play does not train thinking about it. So it always comes first What you play.

Does the hobby gaming make stupid? Why are there so many bad prejudices about the hobby?