How to become a model?

2021-07-21 17:01:45 WESLEY

I wanted to ask if you think that I have the stuff to model. Image is below.

Is that already with 14 because I will soon 14.

And where do I have to apply there?

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A friend of mine already had NH contract at a model agency, but she has advertised years before. And you have to wait for orders that will only mediate with this agency. And so if I'm honest, I do not believe in the first sight rather that that will be with you. Wow sounds meantime, but if I can take you to do so even less. Nevertheless, you are sure a great girl :) But my opinion is not the measure of things - you can try it! Good luck!


Right model jobs are available at the earliest with 16.

But there are also children's models, but then 14 is already late for entry often at so for so 5-10 years.


Heyy So if you like to model then it would be best if you are in charge of castings in your area. They can then see if you are the right thing for that. You are a beautiful girl :)


If you want to become a model, you must meet requirements at all (first a minimum size of 173-175cm Women) and then have the look and the talent and not to forget too: the "certain something".
With 14 you are still a bit young, at least for the "right" model, because you would have to be about? Wait 2 years

Then you have to find an agency that takes you under contract and then you have to learn the model first, (because nobody can do inexperienced modelsDo not need to know what you have to do) by completing very many test shootings at all once, which also brings you images that you need to be presented to potential customers.

That needs Of course, a lot of time and if you do not want photographers who want to do with you "for for free" test shootings (why you should (!), you have to have a certain return and just good photographers that can help you a lot To learn and get good pictures, of course, there are not so easy to find) then you have to take a look at some money or evil ourselves and pay the photographers for it.

The pictures are very important, because then you will be booked and potentSo you need to present you, so you need it and if you want good jobs, the pictures must also be good.

If you are then at some point, after a few months, sometimes good enough to be released on customers, then you get Maybe once something smaller jobs, maybe once without or only with little payment or you are only just statist in the background next to the actual models but you can prove yourself and gather first reverses and work up and after.

The whole thing is a long process and requires a lot of use and a lot of time


only goes if the parents have to match. Apply for model agencies

How to become a model?