What do you think if an apprentice gets the car tires so that he can no longer b

2021-07-21 21:00:50 BETH


Bitter but the purpose sanctifies the funds Choose 18%

Horny thing Choose 12%

Mies, because I like the AfD Choose 4%

Effect to stop the postering Choose 0%


I would call it rather as a missed measure, but "asocial" comes closest to the closest under your choices.

Architative, rights spoofists and Nazis have rights and are not a free game. MAN legitimizes so implicitly their violence. This is neither an effective nor morally reasonable way. These people must be made with legally given means.

Incidentally, I believe that left and right-wing extremists need each other to be able to be legitimate their violence. The means of choice against violence from both bearings is thus a violent prevention within the moderate rights such as left. However, this must also be said that left-sextremism is much more harmless, consider the ENTTalking statistics. This has last recognized Interior Minister Seehofer.

Did that happen to you? You have recently answered a very similar question. This looks like fake / troll. But I do not want to submit to you.


Of property damage I do not consider much.

should he be placated for the club, I hope so many as possible see him and see him Then bring him the due date to disregard.


That goes too far.

should apply to all the same laws for all.

But unfortunately this country has been biled up against each other, which many people simply can not think clearly and act.

There is real menwhich it is for "right, keeping people and property to damage to intimidate them or to hold them from their work / conviction.

Sad. Just sad.


If you read your previous questions so, then "quarreled car tires" somehow seem to exercise a fascination with you. Fänd's interesting to know where this interest in this special form of vandalism comes from ...

Property damage I always consider the wrong way.


Instructor damage should never be used to express your own opinion, dislike or any emotions. You can quickly sink with such actions so deeply that you have to ask yourself if your own level is not already worryingSt as a one of those who want to meet.

What do you think if an apprentice gets the car tires so that he can no longer be placating for the AFD?