10 hours drive to Poland?

2021-07-22 00:03:02 DORA

Hi guys,

So I drive next week Friday after Poland because the drive takes 10 hours,

I do not know what I should do everything while driving.

I can not sleep because 1. Let's go at 8 o'clock and I'm sleeping

and 2. Can I sleep very badly in cars or buses

I will take 1 book takeaway that But has only 687th pages and I will have read it 100% 5 hours .. Have you read

Do you have ideas what I can take?

Thank you;)



Maybe take something to write (notebook) when that goes on the bus. Otherwise you can just look on a mobile / tablet / ... movies.


Since I would first come to an e-book ... Internet or in the bus W-Lan ... Then the e-book guarantees a few thousand pages.

I mean, if today there is someone who is still a book ....


Mobile, Netflix, Music, Social Media, talking to Parents, Watching the route, read signs,


If you have Netflix Download a few series down or YouTube videos. Podcasts can also download and then hear

10 hours drive to Poland?