Car accident when parking?

2021-07-22 05:01:58 RICARDO

Hello people,

I built a slight accident when parking and I came slightly opposed to a car. I was on a (beside) parking lot from a gym. I broke out panick and did not know what to do. I am 18 and have my driver's license for a month. I have decided to make his car clean from the outside to see the damage. However, the color has died and it is black-gray color to see. There are small bagatell damage. In the parking lot were only 2 cars, so me and he and it was enclosed by trees. I am 1000% sure that no one has seen me. I almost fainted before despair and I started driver escalation and drove home. Hopefully there were no SIrgy Camera, which I do not think, as it is a place where you really can not have cameras. I know that I have acted wrong and I hope you do not find me. Probably I just came out of the situation. What are you thinking? Will the police find me? How did you have traded?
Thank you for your answers


Well, we are not clairvoyors, so do not know if someone has seen you.

I'm not a friend of the moral club.

Should But I wish you that something like that happens to you.
Third-party property to damage and then make it out of the dust,
Although the insurance would have regulated the easily and in the case of absolutely no measures for your Fear driving license must, asozial.

Melba This is not a bagatelle. The unauthorized removal from the accident site is a criminal offense that lands in front of a judge. For small damages you usually get a fine up to 30 daily rates. That is also in the certificate of good conduct. So if you have seen wuRdest, your driver's license is your smallest problem. I would urgently advise you to report to the police today. This allows you to clear the punishment significantly. So you may come with a blue eye of it.

Salvador This is read in the police report every day. Unfortunately ...

This is a lousy behavior.

Driver's escape can not be punished hard enough.

As a career, the driver's license should be gone and only after MPU possibly. New to be rejected.

Amber It is certainly no bagatell damage. Bagatell damage is less than 80 euros. Paint damage is directly 1000 euros. In fact, you've already committed drivers, aftermunnetting does nothing more. You will be with the bad conscienceneed. If you go to the police, your driver's license is gone.

Fernando How would you feel if someone gets your car damages and went down? Not so great Gell?

You made a mistake for fear, be fair and report the incident of the police. It would really be the most sensible.

Car accident when parking?