Hey guys this is a general question goes mainly to the boys?

2021-07-22 05:02:39 HAROLD

So to the guys what do you find a girl sweet so in school and outside which behavior makes a girl sweet? Oh and like sweet girls?


Well I'm a girl but lesbian so I think I can answer your question too.

I personally stand on sweet girls who are a bit shy but not too shy So such a means.

And I think it's cool if you can talk well and, for example, secrets that you are entrusted to be announced, etc.


Well, cute (good figure, beautiful face) and rather restrained and shy


Sweet is sweet. So sweet girls are not automatically sexy, and girls are sexy are not automatically sweet.

Sweet is more of a property, but can also be visually used.

Each girl is the bitchigI would not call cute: D

or. is that rather bitchig-sweet.

This is very very individual. That hangs with the appearance, with the nature of talking, with clothes, with small ticks, with gestures etc. and and and.

Often "sweet" is also a word which one from the first seconds in mind has, or not.


When pretty laugh laugh shy and are careful and cooked on garkein case !!!


If you Not so bitchig like every girl rumnow rumping today

Hey guys this is a general question goes mainly to the boys?