Why do footballer earn so much money?

2021-07-22 06:01:30 THERESA

I think it's really crass that they deserve so much. A doctor, for example, he saves life, makes 1000 times more a day than a Neymar and deserves about a daily content of Neymar a year. Maybe not even so much. Now my question: Why do they deserve so much? Neymar e.g. 36 million euros net per year! That's exaggerated that's not worth so much.


Because salaries arise after supply and demand and are not measured on rescued life, moral or social recognition.

If only the one would earn a lot of money that saves many lives, then for example, an accountant would only pay for a hunger wage.

A top footballer represents an investment for the paying club, which refinances in sporty success, merchandise sales etc. If there were only a few top doctors around the world with special skills, would also be a competition for their services.

  • Main debt are all who pay money for football subscriptions (Sky, Dazn etc.)
  • As a result, SKY can, even so much Money forR pay the transfer rights (Bundesliga, Premier League, CL etc.).
  • Through the money rimmer (to the football clubs) from the TV or streaming transmission rights, the football clubs can also pay very high transfer sums and player salaries to get very good - world-class players.
  • Because only through very good - world-class players ("money shoot gates") can stay in the highest leagues (guaranteed high TV funds) or play at the top - and reach the CL
  • This participation (CL) brings a lot of money again. (Association is able to undertake even better players - for which one has to pay even more - transfer / content)

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where youAlso not forgotten that professional footballers do not have the same life as amateurs. Those who can really live from their football games have a stressful life

If you play in a good team like the Bavarians, you have a league game up to the summer and over Christmas almost every week, you must have each one Week traveling across Germany. After that, you have such good as every day several hours of training. If no buli is, you play test games, sometimes abroad. Then there is still Europe or Championsleague, where you have to travel several times by Europe in a short time. Then give the DFB Cup

Many still have games in the national team, where you have to travel through Germany, Europe and the world. DanbeN If you still have a family you want to see. You often have to move, because you have to change or change the club

clear, a doctor saves life and without physicians is not. A doctor, however, comes home after work, to his family, can take a vacation and has (relatively) a lot of leisure

In how far it is justified that footballers deserve so much seems to be put together Living as a professional footballer or generally underestimated as a professional athletes completely


Best players can be transfers always expensive and you do not believe how hard the training in the international team is



Deborah Deborah Deborah Deborah Because he is one of the best footballers and doctors there are many. And itIf doctors that can be incredible, that is really rare and they also earn a lot.

Why do footballer earn so much money?