Which should I do?

2021-07-22 12:02:13 SHELLY

I'll make myself a stick and poke tattoo yourself soon, which is better? I'm w / 14.


None of them. This is 99.9 percent of these youth decals, which you later regretted. But well, at least it would not be larger ...

But still let yourself be stinged by the professional if it is supposed to be a tattoo. Self-trials go wrong at 99.9 percent. And in the best case, it just looks stupid. In the worst case you land in the hospital.


both unnecessary, 1. The smile is unnecessary and on the middle finger? Does that also have any sense and purpose? Or just "He looks at me I have a tattoo"


You want to make you tattoo yourself? If so, I would never do, besides you should choose a place that you do not see in everyday workT, always gives prejudices in this regard. It sounds very much like a thing that you want to have in old age though that would be better to wait.


Number One. That's a bit more hidden. Then makes a better impression when you work.


Number two

Which should I do?