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Do you think that Alliance90 the Greens still have a real chance to win the fede


No Choose 60%

Yes Choose 32%

Other Opinion Choose 8%


In Moemnt is still as much music in the surveys that everything seems possible. Although it looks like this, as if the CDU would strongest strength, but what matters is that a party alliance comes to more than 50%. It is therefore conceivable that the Greens, as a secondary force, are combined with two parties and have 50%.

However, one needs very, very much negotiating skills for such coalition negotiations, and I just do not trust Baerbock.


People are too fear of change, despite the flood events. But I think a black-green coalitone for possible.


Do not win, but government participation is possible (black-green, or Jamaica). Von The political goals would be probably "Germany" so black, red yellow probably easier to implement if both are possible, I tap it.


The Greens will in any case win. They had only 9% in the last choice. If you are smart use the current storm disaster. In the way "If one ignores climate change that happens you happen."


Yes, Anlena Baerbock has managed to minimize them, yet there is you. The storms are reminiscent of the fact that weather and climate are related and we can very well be hit by hardest catastrophes.

Currently the Greens could set the Chancellor! Green-red-yellow is possible. The SPD WIll certainly not a little partner of the CDU will be!

Surveys are snapshots. I'm sure that all of the approximately 30% potential Greens selectors now reflect on their priorities.

Do you think that Alliance90 the Greens still have a real chance to win the federal election 2021?

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