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Hey people I'm w / 14 and lesbian

Me and my best friend wanted to finger together and if it comes to that mutually me, me and you. But how do I start best so we wanted to look a movie and how do I get that we'll take off, etc.

And how can I make you damp and satisfy you?

please Not as answers as: as you do it too. Thanks

And if here a Girls is that experience could already explain it as it was like it was with you.

Thank you in advance.


Hello Lily,

If you have appointed that, it is not so difficult anymore.

I'm not a friend of Settling. During the movie, I would already null myself. And they are uncovered a bit over the clothes.

After the movie I would talk to her about the film briefly. Then maybe: "It was hard for me to focus on the movie." Then you stroke her again. Then you kiss her carefully. So you smile and approach you slowly to your mouth.

I would gradually take off the things. You put in a matter of her, then pull these themselves. And vice versa. At the top you start.

The "finger" afterwards should of course be stroking the KlitOris be. Imperating does not bring much and is just overall.

Everything as I said without big words. Questions like "Do you like that?" But are always fine in between.

Good luck!


That is as with other relationships, all beginning is difficult if the affection is present on both sides, the rest of the alone comes, and the fingers then also belongs. One step after the other


Wuhu! I've never seen so many not heterosexual teenagers as it is today the case, saw you shooting out of the ground like the mushrooms!

And Hey, after the sex number you run into your class and tell in your class Everyone so that you collect the attention of your life


Boy, chills all at 14 years


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