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What do Vegans think about that if the world vegan would be very many people los


Farmers, battles, butchers, meat entrepreneurs etc would lose all their professions and possibly arm if we were all vegan now. Do vegans have no pity with those? All these people would lose their jobs if the whole world would be vegan.

What are the actually that veganism people robbed their occupations?


When the world would be vegan that would probably lead to millions of people lose their jobs. Many people work in this world in the meat economy. And the veganism would make them unemployed. What do Vegans actually think about it? Have no compassion with all the meat farmers, slaughterers, butchers, etc.


I always have to think about the poor coachman, stallbasts and hoofers for such sayings, which due to the reckless motorists their jobs lost.

Think about it: the money, which people do not spend on meat, then give them elsewhere. In exactly these areas, new jobs arise due to increased demand.


Now first of all, you should know that the decline of certain occupational groups is something that belongs to the progress of civilization. That sounds hard first, but will be clearly understandable on a small example. In my childhood, there were several video lobes in almost every city. Many business leaders have greatly made their job. However, with the 2000s, the DVDs & later came the Blu-rays. All video stores had to close. Streaming providers then gave this trade the death. And do not misunderstand me, I'm sorry for all people who have worked in a video library. But would you have to ban DVDs, Blu-rays & Streaming providers just to save the video shops? Such developments are SEit centuries & you have to accept them. Finally, every good change brings together your problems. Luckily, something does not happen to this day. Elvira The people will not be unemployed in the long term but can seek another profession because then you need much more workers around the Produce and process herbal food. So that would be offset then.

Kenny You can keep from vegans what you want, but I can not hear this argument anymore. Occupations arise and disappear again, that was so, is so and will be like that too. The same thing has happened as the majority of the weavers unemployed because of industrialization and invention of the mechanical loombecame. The same thing has happened with carriers, when carriages were gradually replaced by cars. And also as steam locomotives or steamboats with diesel machines were replaced and boilers were obsolete, it has happened. And the types of fonts who have arranged the letters when printing properly, which that happens. And if the coal-fired power plants finally go from the net, that will happen again.

It is important that you catch all people who have learned a "dying" profession and offers them other professional perspectives. But to hang on old technology so that the associated professions can continue to exist? No, thank you!

Nelson That's completely irrelevant like that, because that is not plannedand will not happen.

What do Vegans think about that if the world vegan would be very many people lose their jobs?

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