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57 Most helpful answers from 700 answers good (here at good frames)?


Is that your opinion a good yield? 57 most helpful answers from 700 answers?

Yes, great! Choose 50%

Okay. Choose 39%

I do not find it very good. Choose 11%


If you can not value so.

Give 20 answers to some questions and can only be 1 helpful.

The longer you will always be the relationship worse.

Erin Nice, but that is not enough as evaluation criterion.

Horace Good day,

Yes, better than many others.

I do not care what a relationship I have. I am important to me that I help other people. I do that, but not everyone also forgives a star.

Greetings, Moritz

Calvin are ~ 8%, and thus far above the average.

Guy can not be assessed so certainly.

There are topics that are "heavily competitive", where you have insideOf minutes of many, very good answers.

In other topics, one is the only one at all with an answer.

Which "Best Response Quote" you have, is already strongly dependent on the topics.

That's why you can not specify a percentage of a percentage of which the valuation rate is "good".

Especially as if it is "good". Top 10%? Top 10% on the topics? Other percentage?

or it's just completely important.

It's just a bit gamification to keep the users in the bar. Which value, which level, does not matter, the main thing of the user is active and has commitment.


57 Most helpful answers from 700 answers good (here at good frames)?

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