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Could a psychotherapist react transhob?


I got myself on Sunday with my grandma. She did not respond particularly well, but at least she had not done me completely as I expected.

She had told me that I was mentally ill and would like to send myself to therapy. But I see it again as a way to finally talk to an adult person who could help me. But it would not be a therapist specializing in transgender, could he react transhob? What should I do in this case , because that's exactly what my grandma wants.


Yes, he could: That's unlikely. There are doctors and therapists who keep homosexuality for a treatable disease and offer conversion therapy (depending on the country, this is not forbidden or just for minors).

For example:

The federal government of Catholic doctors (BKA) is completely open on his website, there is "religious, psychotherapeutic and medical-homeopathic possibilities of the treatment 'in homosexuality and homosexual inclinations". therapies-Contin---18-You-Guene-Kuene-verboten

There is also pseudo- Therapists offer such "treatments" and "consultations":

Wuestenstrom (own writingNg Wuestenstrom, also Desert Stream) is an evangelical Christian organization based in Tamm, Baden-Württemberg. It offers consultations, seminars and self-help groups for people who experience relationships, "their identity as a woman or as a man" or their sexuality conflictive

They do not work scientifically:
The approach of Wuestenstrom is contradictory to the scientific majority position that a homosexual orientation can not be changed, so can not be "converted" in a heterosexual orientation Miguel

There is certainly transhabes of therapists, but I would not expect from that in advance. A reasonable therapist will be youfirst face open, appreciative and accepting. I would see how you say yourself as a way to talk to a (hopefully) neutral person. If you do not like the talks or the therapist, you can later refuse to go further. Casey

A good therapist will certainly not be transhiped, but help you to find out who And as you really are, as you want to be and feel you and assist you in your wishes and goals. A transphaic therapist is in my opinion a person in the wrong job and should not treat patients. If you encounter such a therapist, then I would urgently change. Wayne

typical olderPeople. There are all different than the standard, mentally ill. You do not need a therapist. I would not do it either. But there will be few few who see that exactly as your grandma and if so, I would record it and send it to the doctor's chamber. Because because of homosexuality, trans or otherwise a psychotherapy start, everything but would be helpful on the contrary. Kayla

Congratulations that you trusted! Now it can only be better.

And the chance that just a therapist reacts stupid, I think is low. Even if he is not specialized in transsexuality, it will definitely be 1000x better than having no therapist!

Could a psychotherapist react transhob?

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