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Does that fit together?


Hi :),

Fit white high heels to a turquoise dress? If not, what color would fit? (Except turquoise)

Yes Choose 82%

No Choose 18%


White fits like black, if no hard contrast will occur, knows more bright and delicate colors, black to darker and strong.

If you want to put correct contrasts, If the shoes could be yellow in the complaintament color, in this case direction yellow, then this contrast should also be repeated up, hat / scarf and possibly also handbag and wide belt, in the same color as the shoes.


white fits everything. When turquoise is bright, it fits even better than when turquoise is more dark.


Yes, find that fits. Nude, silver or purple goes for me too. Should look really good with summer tan.


Yes, whiteß fits well, especially when the skin is browned.


That fits, but also black Hight Heels would look good

Does that fit together?

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