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What occasion did you move to become religious?


I never understood why people are looking for their salvation in religion and just like to know how it came to you :)


born in Christian family.

Sunday School has fun. Grandmother has shown Bible texts with landscapes and figures. Exciting were the lectures of missionaries.

Then a time of esoterics and worship remote.

"RIGHT" I became religious afterwards. By contacting some friends in the neighborhood. They did not have missioned, just answer questions.

The largest turn came on a world trip. Then I got after an observation of a life-threatening depression. A doctor was not nearby. It only blows the prayer. If God had been a fantasy figurine, I would have no help. But God helped and carried me through me. There and by some life-storm afterwards.

An experience will be ialso never forgotten. After the conversion I felt nothing at first. Some time later, a phase came with a supernatural joy and a simply wonderful lifestyle. So I would like the paradise. As unexpected as it came, it disappeared again.


Nothing. You can not choose that. A colleague of mine had a serious accident. His father, who was always believed and religious, became Athina. He did not want to believe in a God who releases something like this and stayed atheist until his death. The son, on the other hand, who had always been atheist, became faithful in the course of the accident and is still today, 20 years later, still.

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Today I am atheist.


I can not say that I was atheist before, because I have a toddler, without the knowledge of my parents (they were / are Christians), converted. Other Christians can tell you better why they have come to faith by a wasteless world picture. But I can tell you why I believe:

I experience God (Jesus) in my life. An experience I wrote down here .

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Experience that not only I experience that, every believer Christ experiences that.

A pastor named Josua sat in Uganda because of his faith in prison. He should be HingericHet. In the cell, the man shouted to God and plowed for help. He was not afraid of death, but before the torture, which would come in front of it. Quote: "Suddenly a bright light appeared in my dark cell. I heard a voice saying," You're not alone - I'm with you - always! "

Everybody disappeared and he disappeared Pries God. Even as the officials picked him up to the execution, he could not stop praising to go with singing. The officers therefore held him for crazy and hurt him out. He came as a freelance man from prison.

John Bunyan, persecuted Christ, wrote from the prison: "If it were appropriate, I would pray for larger problems to learn greater consolation"

What kind of consolation has learned this ChristianN, that he was able to write that?

One reason is personal experiences. The 2nd floor confirms my faith: science.

Faith in God and Wissenschaft do not have to contradict themselves. Science means creating knowledge. It should be allowed to research in any direction to find out the truth. But that's not how it is. The possibility of a Creator is excluded from the outset without being seriously involved. If then one is researching in the direction, he will be smiled or bad. Scientists have already come to faith because of their research.

If you are researching in the direction, you realize pretty fast that there is very reasons for a creator. This isBut not my specialty, other Christians can say more.

In the Christian faith, it is not about a religion, but the lively relationship with Jesus Christ.

I know a Christian who was healed with his conversion immediately (abruptly) of his depression he had years old.

A similar question was scheduled:


Me was born in a Christian family. For me, the faith makes a lot of sense.

One should first deal with the topic before you say that it is meaningless.

The truth is God.

What occasion did you move to become religious?

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