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How do you start with sex?


I have recently looked a video of Anni The Duck and there you have talked about questions from your childhood there then came up the question: How do people start with sex (so you plan that before or ask his friend or friend spontaneously) I have this video permanently in mind. Thank you for answers


It depends on it. With a planning both are often very excited, but can prepare well. In spontaneous first time it is so that both probably not very much thoughts have previously done. Before talking about it with his partner, I think very well.

And do not forget!

I hope I could help.


The most beautiful if it is alone. Both have their heads free and can be driven by the feelings.

Planning it creates a certain expectation. Also towards themselves. Then it often happens that you are so unsettled so that it will not be so nice because you are too tense. You ask everything ... What if ....the is not good ...

Sex starts with feelings and affection to each other. Temperies, kisses ... the attraction of near the other. By touch increases the pleasure of pleasure .... The breathing changes ...


Simply start to kiss the partner what you like / her just like. Or touch at certain points. maybe then ask if the person is in mood, if you could start with a "preliminary game" and then more and more increasingly increase when you can say that


MAN approaches slowly ... speaks in advance bad contraceptives and how to apply them correctly ..

It starts with cuddling, kissing, stroking until both want more ..

How do you start with sex?

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