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What is your type of woman (hair)?


Question to women / girls who stand on the same gender and at men / guys who are gender to the other sex:

Which hair color is preferred to your partner?
(with me: blond hair)

P.S. Am Bi

other choose 38%

Brown hair Choose 27%

Blonde hair choose 23%

Red hair choose 8%

Black hair choose 4%


Find brown hair best. Often it fits but also with other hair colors, there is mostly on the hairstyle on it. Find more than 3 hair colors then but to colorful.


Hair color is a sausage, but I have a preference for short hair in girls. I find particularly abrasized hair abnormally attractive.


Well I do not really fix me. Low-lying well look good with colorful hair and that fits you and others are not that way. The hair color does not really matter to me


Find I usually look good. However, I do not really notice me.


So this orange does not colored red. In combination withGreen eyes and freckles

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