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Am I pregnant?


Hey guys,

I'm now about 1 month a huge problem and the fear that I'm pregnant. I am 14 years old and had something with my friend a few weeks ago, but without protection (condom or similar) and despite that he has not come my fear of eg. Low quantities of sperm in / and desire Drops. Anyway I'm doing myself the mega big thought that I'm pregnant and therefore have already made a test that was clearly negative. The second test was also negative, but looked at more accurate views, as he had a slightly blue line. This disappeared after 15 minutes but again. In addition, I would actually have my days (about 6 days) but it only went 2 days and listened yesterday (similar to oneLubrication) I also have a few symptoms.

I really care worries, is that just right or is all the not necessary fear?

Thank you in advance.


In your place, I would do another test, or go directly to the gynecologist. The doctor can tell you completely. Unfortunately, your "days" do not mean that you are not pregnant, as some women are also of the pregnancy so-called interim bleeding, which are very easy to confuse with the normal rule. Your concern is really justified and because the 2nd test was slightly positive, I would go to a doctor as soon as possible.

And today you realize that for the next time you would rather prevent. Johnnie

Pregnancy symptoms can be imagined very quickly when you are afraid to be pregnant.

That the period times very easily fails is not in young girlsusually.

A pregnancy test is not a guessing game. He clearly indicates when you are pregnant. But also assumes that one held on the instructions, which nobody can judge here.

Forumusters are not a substitute for a pregnancy test. Forumusters can only speculate.

To secure the situation, you should contact a gynecologist. This is necessary anyway because of the topic of contraception. Melody

Hey, clearly your concern is justified as it can of course come to a pregnancy.

In your situation, I would honestly just make an appointment with the gynecologist and talk to her about it. There can be really noticed if you are pregnant or not.

Greetings Harry

So shortly after the special GV is no pregnancy hormone that could make symptoms. The tests were too early. Now, where you had your days, who were loud fear pregnant to be just very short - now you can do a test after 10 days, which would be more meaningful Jacqueline

Pregnancy is already possible, but you know that yourself. Go to the doctor and let him do the test.

Am I pregnant?

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