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What do you think if guys


Heyyy! I have already seen more often that women often write such a heart as it is simply sweet. Even sometimes if it is not because of "love". But guys do that rather rarers.

Why is that? Do you think that somehow is just female and then you are not "male"? (Similar to cry)

And how do you find women when you have a boy <3 schreibt?


It seems weak, immature and usually leads to disappointment

either it runs what - if what would happen would not find out by heart - that would be extremely childish

or not - if not that is the response becomes permanently

Either way - for men who do not already carry a relationship that is a loss of one's own broadcast

Uncovered question

If you feel affection for a type, you would be in hope there is what's going on?


I only send my girlfriend heart Emojis. Make sense.

but not with every message. I am not a person who uses many Emojis.

It would also lead to misunderstandingsIf I send a heart Emoji to another woman, otherwise you might think that I would be unfaithful.


If you want women <3 anbietet, dann denken die, was? Wieso bekomme ich weniger als drei? Ich will mehr als drei!!!

Men should write better> 3.


I find it Gay

What do you think if guys <write <3?

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