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Violent and beautiful orgasm?


Hello everybody,

I talked to my girlfriend about the strongest orgasm. It was with her sex and the vibrator at the same time. It was with me after 3 weeks break at 69. It was as if I was fainted ...

How was it with you?

Gender and age would be nice LG


That was with a special rate where I could live out my preferences. In addition, I had additionally included 2 weeks. At the final handjob, I experienced one of my most intense orgasms.

M / 41


I already had a pair. Which one should have been the most violent, I can not say in retrospect, but I'm now scarce 55 / m

But it is from time to time, that's what's going on again.


Yes that's so, despite my high age.

But I made a break of 4 weeks in my young years.

After that I had the little one hardly touch and it went off, it was just absolutely violent the voice landed on my GeichT.


Good morning!

Male, 17 years!

For me It, when I had sex (and general) satisfying with my girlfriend after 3 weeks again.

was extremely good ... ^^

Lunatic Tiger // Justin


I do not believe that I will have violent orgasm

Since IXH rarely come and they are mostly very weak


Violent and beautiful orgasm?

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