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Has a person ever seen God?


I wish answers in content relation to the Bible text, indicating the Bible points.

No, because. . . Choose 59%

Yes, because. . . Choose 41%


in Exodus24.9-11 is written that Moses, Aaron and the elders saw the God of Israel and stayed alive, they ate & drink after she had seen God. Johannes1.18 wrote that no one ever has seen God. Do not contradict the two Bible Offices, how are the two bible points to explain?

Exodus 24. 9-11 Since Moses and Aaron, Nadab and Abihu and seventy rose up from the oldest Israel (10) and Saw the God of Israel . Among his feet it was like a beautiful sapphire and as the shape of the sky, if it's clear. (11) And he did not stretch his hand against the tops in Israel. And since she had looked God, ate and drank.

John 1. 18 No one has ever seen God; the oneborn son, who is a lap in the father, who has proclaimed it.

Can it be that in Exodus24.9-11 the Israelites have seen the natives of God of God who is Israel's God and the Heavenly Father of God is not? Is that the answer to the question? There is also the angel of the Lord of God, as can be seen in other scriptures, the indigenous son of God before the meat loss of Jesus. Is the angel of the Lord who is God of Israel who saw the Israelites in Exodus24.9-11? Then the Bible without the trinity would contradict himself in Johannes1.18 and Exodus24.9-11, the two Bible sites are also a receipt for the trinity of the God of Israel. Can you see that as far as possible?

By the way, that is already amazingI say that if it is as explicitly written in Exodus24.9-11 that the elders saw the god of Israel, then so many have "no" chosen as an answer.


... only the faith sees:

Joh 1, 1 "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and God was the word. 2

The same was in the beginning with God.

3 All things are made by the same, and without the same, nothing made, what was done. 4

It was life in it, and life was the light of people.

5 And the light seems in the darkness, and the darkness has not taken it. 6 It was a human being sent by God, the name of John. 7


to testimony , so heWitness from the light, that all believed through him.

8 He was not the light, but he should witness to the light. 9 That was the true light that enlightens all people who come into this world. 10 It was in the world, and the world is made by the same; And the world did not recognize it. 11 He came to his property; And that did not take him up. 12

How many recordings to whom he gave to become God's children: those who believe in his name,

13 the not from the human flood still from the will of the meat still from the will of a man, but born from God. 14 And the word was meat and lived among us, and We saw

his lovelyIT, a glory than of the native son from the father, full grace and truth. "


Who has seen" God "has his eternal son - Jesus - seen, who is a being with God and became a man in Maria, who could and revealed.

"Nobody has ever seen God; the native son who is in the lap of the father who has information [about him ] given. "

Johannes 1:18 SCH2000

"But I do not want my brothers, that you are out of eight, that our fathers have all been under the cloud and all have passed through the sea. And they all eaten the same spiritual food and drank all the same spiritual tranks; because they drank from oneSpiritual rocks followed.

The rock was Christ. "

1. Corinthians 10: 1, 3-4 SCH2000

Everyone who has seen Jesus who saw God.
Thomas answered and said to him: my Lord and my God! Jesus speaks to him:
Meanwhile, you have seen me, Thomas, are you thinking. Blessed are who do not see and believe! (Johannes20.28 + 29) Jesus speaks to him: I am the way and the truth and life; Nobody comes to the father because of me. 7
If you know me, you also know my father. And from now on you knows him and have seen him . (John 14: 6 + 7)


... nobody has ever seen God. Life on earth is an exam for the beyond and a large part of the exam is to believe in God without having ever seen or heard. Everyone would be able to see him, everyone would believe in him. Then the test would be obsolete. That would be just as if the examiner in school with the questionnaires would also equalize the solution sheets with.

In addition, no one in this creation is able to endure God's sight. For Moses, who wanted to see God once, God has shown himself a mountain so Moses sees what happens. The mountain blacked to dust and Moses fainted.

So that does not happen, there is a kind of privacy around God, so we do not die. Only at the YoungHe will decrease the protection and that is the latest day, where he will destroy the entire creation. And that happens by taking the viewing protection. In the hereafter but the Paardies inhabitants will be able to see God.

Allison in Gen 1 stands that God around Eden surrounded and then Adam could have seen him, they have spoken together. Besides, Jesus says: He who sees me sees the father. Jesus is God, man became. Of course you can not only see God, because God is ghost according to gene 1, but you can see him in the body of a person

Has a person ever seen God?

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