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My brother cries because he is afraid of death?



My brother is 12 and I 16 and he is crying at night and when I go to him he knows that he would have been scared that our mother would die.
I felt like that before, but with the time it went away, how should I explain it to him?

Somegually he comes to me in the middle of the night and is afraid to sleep alone and wants to sleep alone and wants to sleep alone Sleep, I always agree, I meant him why he did not go to our parents, he meant it would be embarrassing.
I love my brother very much, how can I fear him?
Because he comes to me almost every night and wants to sleep with me what no problem is but manches when my friend is with me annoying it already a bit since we want to be undisturbed but my friend then pensed in theMe my brother off so he is not sad and then he sleeps in bed with us.

What can I do to take him the fear?


Hello, good sister!

I think it's shincon that you make such thoughts around your brother, because he actually has a very heavy time straight.

This childish fear of death is terrible for him, she slowly builds up in his stomach and is becoming worse and becomes worse very slowly until it is only unbearable. His heart starts to beat faster and his thoughts turn around the dark abyss. He gets panic and a overwhelming feeling of helplessness. He will try to capture how it is to be dead, maybe he presents eternity and his short life is possible.
He may want to stick to the sheets or bedland until he thinks that hanging nothing is used, so veryHe tries too. He would like to scream loudly. It's like a real horror movie for him, really cruel without that in the end everything is fine.

Because the Angstauslöser is Real - it is not an imaginary fear or phobia. It is the ur-anxiety that is deep in us all.

The realization that life at some point ends absolutely is terrible for him - he does not come clearly. So the fear is the same as the symptom, behind it stands the great, horror nothing of mortality. Not for nothing people have created religions to give an answer to this torment question.

You can be with him, keep him. You should talk to your parents - but not - without telling him before. Explain him that he does not have to be ashamed that it is VPeople are like that. Tell him that the parents have to know it, so they can be there for him.

In general, it can be good to philosophize for days about life, thinking about what is a good life. But also how to imagine death. It's not good to avoid this topic.

I know, much is not.


Please consider once again where this fear could come! Are your parents perhaps a lot on the road and therefore you are afraid, your parents could happen something? What do your parents say to your fear? Something is wrong with you.


Would really talk to your parents but you say that you had that at that time tell him about it and tell him thatIt is completely unnecessary to worry about



Try to find out why he has this fear perhaps by films, constant reports about Corona or something he has read somewhere. He must try to distract themselves from these thoughts, it brings nothing for a fear of having something foreseeable.


You can not take the fear, not before death, which has as good as everyone.

But you can make it clear to him got to. Ezz

My brother cries because he is afraid of death?

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