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Have you ever called the emergency call?


And if so, why?

Yes For the following reason, I called ... Choose 81%

No I never had to do that Choose 19%


On the way home from work Gabs right in front of my entrance to a traffic accident in a 70s zone between two cars with 3 injured, at which I came to the first salmon.

Secured, then chosen the emergency call and I personally sent to the site. Then follows the whole standard stuff, which one makes it so. I do not stay on here now.

The emergency services of the fire department were the comrades from my weir, which have not looked bad either. Noah

A car was pushed back on a bus station on the bus stop and then got across On the road, it has been pretty busy. Inside the vehicle, the airbag had risen and the passenger compartment was full of smoke,Probably from the airbag.

People who were very close to it had already started helping and I wanted that as fast as an ambulance comes and have taken care of it. (Coordinated division of labor)

On Facebook, the firefighters had speculated about it where the car had come from (whether the car has been exit at the road) because the car stood across the street. That he was traveling so fast, he was pushed on the left side of the bus and thereby thrown the stern to the left, they did not come to it.

Thanks to strap and airbag, the driver was lucky. Lowell

constantly. I work in the care and my homeworers often need an ambulance for medical reasons. Brooke

I had to call the fire department because a minor banned behind our house.

Another time I called the police when the roof of an old, vacant rescue building was collapsed. Since there are often children have played there, they could have been spilled. Luckily, nobody was in it at the time of collapse.

And then I called the ambulance when a neighbor falls away from the house in front of the house. Joanna

My husband had acute kidney colics and the house stored emergency service was not available (30+ minutes tried without success). The poor guy is almost over-tipped against pain so I have called the ambulance against his will.

With abundant painMeans Intus and a generous amount of elastic flowers, he came to the KH. The stone was actually pretty much the maximum, which one could retire on a natural way, he was twisted on 2 days.

Years ago I called the fire brigade years ago because a neighbor with drunk Kopp the "Distelacker" infected our homes. That was about a piece of 20 x 15m high, dry grass udn weed that was almost immediately in flames. Because it was windy burned already an adjacent hedge and a bush. That was super fast deleted but only with a garden hose it would not have been so easy.

Have you ever called the emergency call?

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