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Why is never undertaken against bullying?


Why is not usually done when a bulleted? The teachers usually do not interest it, question from interest.


This is a difficult topic. In my (previously only 7 year old career) I had "only" to do with a very serious case. I was very glad that the director was with me on a line. In conversation with the father, however, this was from the outset to take his son from school, but only because we supposedly did not take good care of him, threat with knife or ago.

Actually The legal situation clear. Educational measures first if the not fruits, order measures. In the last step the reference from the school. But from my own experience, however, I know that often only one "you you du" is coming and a consistent action is missing for a long time ... I represent as a teacher always the harder way... Who after 3 talks (in the 3rd conversation threat of reference) still not spurt, who has to go. Education likes to go to the one or the other cuddly educator against the stroke, but I prefer the "victim" in view, which is significant to me as the perpetrator ...


That may have various reasons:

  • No interest in the well-being of the students (by the teacher)
  • defective / missing contact points at the school (mediation, psychologist)
  • Easting ages Ignoring and relativizing the situation in which the person concerned is
  • lack of support by classmates

here a short story that has been played, to reflect:

In advance: I tolerateNo unjust treatments. I never have that and I will never, since I was not so educated. I've been taught people to treat as I would like it from you in return. I believe in this and that is my concept regarding this topic.

Nobody deserves to be treated in less or bad. Neither due to its appearance nor due to its religion (or other factors). In addition, I can not understand how to watch only in such situations only and does not take anything. (Borders for me on omission of help) ✋

When I was still in the OS, there was a fairly strong bullying case in our class which the student then kept so badly, that she brought into psychiatryEveryone had to be. Previously, I tried to help her. By all means. I was constantly accompanied she, spoke her courage and defended her before verbal and physical attacks. I do not suffer a disadvantage, because I was always respected and respected by my comrades. Not infrequently, I stood together with the girl at the school management to obtain an end to the harassment - without success. This puts me in a state of massive helplessness, anger and hatred. I developed an extremely aggressive behavior towards my fellow human beings, she beat her, hj out, when she came too close to the girl, insulted and spit the perpetrators. This is not my way. But I did not know and the girl did not help it then - until I then before DER school management landed and threatened with the outward throw. Luckily, my parents and also the girl's parents could prevent this. Would have been unlawful and disproportionate.

So, that was the earlier issue of me.

Today I am different. I am quieter and watch more. I stay calm, support the victim so well I can give advice. I only rarely become very rare, since I have learned that such rags are not worth it, that I make my hands dirty on them. Since I have reached a certain status under my fellow human beings to this day because of my closed direct but also loving way, it is usually enough if I talk to the "perpetrator" once button and talk to him. Thenis peace.

People who have nothing else than other people to harass the lowest drawer and earn my highest contempt. I can not get along with such people at all. Personally, I was never attacked, but I saw what it can have for consequences and what dimensions can accept such cases if nobody takes care of it ...


is also difficult against what to do. If one does not like the others (and e.g. of everything excludes), the teacher can only say, have you dear. But then is not in reality.


Teachers are stopped in bullying! However, it is like it must be proof of bullying.



Because people are driven by hatred and can not enjoy the well-being of others. Sometimes it is also afraid of exclusion and then you are bobbing yourself.

Help, otherwise you are also such *


Why is never undertaken against bullying?

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