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Become a celebration of self-confident?


How can I become self-confident on a celebration and not too turned so that one will be interesting?


A few swallowing alcohol contains the situation something. Of course, is not ideal.

stupid, just nothing shit ***. If you listen to spontaneously answers what you thought at the moment. Not thinking about how that could arrive because the moment otherwise is over and you just were still quiet.

Also take a girlfriend or friends group, that gives security. And have fun. You like the song? Dance. Dress you pretty, so you like yourself.

I know that's difficult, but the nervousness and uncertainty just goes away if you put her. Sometimes you have to force yourself a bit. Of course not completely adjust, but if you like to say / do something, thenjump over the shadow and do it and not just think.


Enjoy the moment, have fun and do not make too much head around the trumber. This is the difference between intro- and extroverted


Try relaxing and just be talking more with others.


Hey Bella =)

Sounds stupid ... but nonsense people on the street! =) Then you will be self-confident and the rest comes from alone = D


Ask the Omis and Opis as you are. Speech a little with them.

Take the baby on the arm for a male and find them sweet.

However, it should be serious.

Become a celebration of self-confident?

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