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I have increased a few kg, how do I know that it bothers my partner?


Hello dear ones. I have increased a few kg in recent months (about 8-10). Especially on the stomach, something on the thighs, hips, etc. My friend and I have had a lot of sex in the past, now it is still 1 times a week or maybe only every 2 weeks. I often asked him if it bothers him that I bought something. And he always meant no. Today I asked him to stop taking something a little and should tell me the truth. And he said that it would be more beautiful when I would lose weight again. And that certainly does not happen if I only sit on the sofa and stuff everything in me. I eat something more like anything else. No idea why. After work, I usually still do the household and then I go obn on the sofa and eat chips, etc. He only meant that it would not bother him if I do not take. I asked him why he does not seek a lean woman. He said because he loves me. He also looks at women, or looks at them on the ass. In my presence. He also makes me compliments but that's not so often. We have been doing a lot lately and he said that it is the main reason why we have no sex and that it would not have to do with my appearance. I am absolutely desperate and also very hurt. I had a bomb figure also through my regular training in the fitness studio. And now it's not that anymore. And myself is absolutely dissatisfied with me. What should I still think of him? Greetings


Challenge yourself, which is the reason for your "frustration".

Your friend has answered on your demand that you liked it slim better, but it Also not disturbing if you do not destroy, he loves you as you are.

So the best prerequisites Step by Step again get back your figure, especially because it bother you.

If you often argue, it is often the case that the sex is suffering from it, so try to get the curve and look at a bit again.

All the best for you.



What you should keep from him? He loves you, he stands to you, also accepts you with your pounds.

You are full of self-doubt and seekingI blame him. This is not a healthy relationship and in my eyes no love. Work on your self-esteem, then there is less dispute, making more sex, so you feel better and then you then take off.


Hello Leyla,

It's your body, so your decision. If he does not fit, then that's his problem.

However, he may also express his opinion. You have practically designed it that he tells you the truth. If you are really so dissatisfied, then just log in again in the fitness center, apparently you have done that before, I have let myself be said by someone; D

All the best you and your friend


Why do you put?This question to the partner? You have to feel comfortable in your skin. And sport always do well by the way. It is spread that you can hang in a relationship and increases.

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