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Stand in the introductory phase?


Hi guys,

I (M17) Meet me more often with a girl (both of the Virgin), she was here twice to look at some movies, and it runs quite well. We have already kissed and have e.g. Cuddled in the films, but not yet aggressive around or something. Now my problem: I have, especially when we cuddle, always bad a stand, which lasts a good long, which has not noticed so bad because I just kept as good as I was hidden. But I somehow feel the feeling that it could become funny if we should rummard or sometimes be tighter with each other and she felt it full.

What do you mean? Should I try something disgusting or find that even nice and I can proud himwear? Namely in the pace pointed to the pace so far, it did not go that it would rummage directly to what sexual escalate, but it would stop it, and then it's somehow a bit uncomfortable if she feels that I was already in Haha.


You do not need to be ashamed with her. Is completely normal. You can find them attractive and she is fully on you. This is a normal male reaction.


Are you shaking yourself or what? Usually, women feel confirmed or at least somehow great when the man gets a latte because of them. I recommend you to do anything about it. On the contrary. If she stops it or she sees, she is pleased


You can not do anything if you are keen on you and she is a grenade. You are not alone with it.

You have to see if you are both ready then you flank her away and then the flute is gone.

Maybe she is ready if you like such thingsmakes. She comes to you ... should mean something.


That's normal and even in adults. I would almost be insulted if it was not like this in the Kennelernphase: -)


If I (Woman) a man at home visits we cuddle and smooch and he did not get a stiffness, Would I be rather disappointed ... ^^. Regardless of whether we will have sex in the episode or not ...

So it would make me very much when I feel his stand when cuddling. Make your head free and have fun in your pace.

Stand in the introductory phase?

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