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First time a girl get to know?


So there is a girl who works at the cash register on a supermarket & you really like it. I would like to get to know her, but does not know if she also wants something and how to appeal to her? I do not know if I imagine it, but when cashed, she always looks to my eyes. I even fell money somewhere in the corner & I did not get out anymore (were only pair of cents) and she paid the rest from her own pocket. And since then I stop the feeling that she looks so deep in my eyes. Would you like to appeal but I just do not know how.


I would not address you directly when behind you 10,000 people are standing but if you are the last or the first and no one is there of course not directly with "hey I can do your number you are full of pretty "And do nothing stalker moderate i (in the sense of" waiting for work on them ") is otherwise a bit .... Well .... stalkish

And just take a step further if you are 100% sure otherwise If you ask them one day after your number and behind her is your friend or fiancé.

Hope helped a bit:



Poar Just talk to you. If you go to a coffee or something. Or go to the city.



WellAnd then go to the cents "revanchise"


I would not respond at work. First of all, she has something to do and secondly no way to escape the situation if she is not so interested in you.

Otherwise nothing like ran more than "a sorry" will not come in most cases.


Number Questions is of course difficult if so many people are XD

First time a girl get to know?

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