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Is that normal that I want to be cold-hearted?


So I am a person's problems, people deeds etc. Everything from different perspectives tries to see and tries to understand everything and always tried with other people nice to handle Impathic. But I feel that I want to be a little bare hearty, with dealing with people and I prefer to be bitcher. Sometimes I think I am also hearing "evil". I do not know if I do that just because it's cool or because I just have enough of the "nice". I think I'm not as normal if I think so.

Not DESTATROTZ I do not want to treat people outrageously but just much more direct and simple like a robot without feelings behind it.

What do you think ?


So the more often a person is injured and disappointed, the colder he becomes the outside world, which is normally normal but the beginning to desocialization you build the bridges to you.

You probably mean instead of cold-heartedness the ability that you can not hurt you anymore, that you are hardened.

Cold heart or empathy dissolution is a good prerequisite to represent evil, whether you really Are you going out by thinking about whether you only take over or also gives them somewhere of the environment Micheal

You want to be true because you think it is easier. Which one can not be violated by others, you will not be disappointed, you may find it a fewR exhausting? But it is definitely not better. Alone alone because it is common to others that feels really uncomfortable in your presence. And you do not have any of them. Negative emotions are also part of life. One should not just try to feel for fear of which nothing more to feel. Roland

Often one will treat in life as a kind-hearted person badly. Many people use kindness and helpfulness. Maybe therefore, the desire to be close to a cold-hearted robot. Charles

This is normal.

The more often you were disappointed or exploited by your dear fellow human beings, even if you only do very few expectations on them, the MEHR takes the feeling that it is better not to be a kind-hearted person. Duane

You must be emotionally hardened .... I'm extremely cold but come like a very warm hearty over over since I understand people, comprehend and always choose the most satisfactory answer

Is that normal that I want to be cold-hearted?

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