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Tato's hell?


Time a stupid question So everywhere say all because of tattos you get into hell. What makes a Jesus cross tattered?


No .

within Judaism tattoos occurs in part Lev 19, 27 EU to rejection. [13] [14] Tattoos for which Jews were forced (for example, numeric tattoos in concentration bearings) are tolerated (there They passed under compulsion). However, such compulsive tattoos may not be changed or invisible by further tattoos.
Until 1890, Catholic girls were tattooed in Bosnia to prevent movement to Islam. Armenian Christians helped the tradition of the pilgrim tattoo to World War II ; As long as this form of the market was offered in Jerusalem. KopTables Christians In Egypt wear a cross on the inside of the right wrist to distance from Islam. Among the Tigray in Ethiopia and in Eritrea , among other things, wearing a tattooed cross from the Orthodox Christianity is spread on the forehead. In earlier times Christians was banned wearing tattoos. [15]
"The body is the 21st century cathedral. The body is expression and presentation area - and it is unique "
- Paul-Henri Campbell [16]
Another form of religious tattoo Practiced those in Southeast Asia - especially in Cambodia , Laos and Thailand - practiced Yantra tattoo . [17] [18]

However, there are In Islam an explicit ban. But that does not mean that the Muslim comes to hell. And if you convert as a tattooed person to Islam, so this is not so bad, since your conversion will be awarded all sins.


You do not come to hell because it does not exist (as little as the multi-propagated paradise). The people who say that are merely succeeding. Whether and what you tattoo is do not care in this regard.

If you want to let yourself be a pattern in the skin, then take one thing that you like - and not one that atFind better. After all, you are the one who then wears it on his body.


It is and remains a sin: no exceptions :)


I doubt that all say, and I do not believe yourself that one comes to hell because of a tattoos. But I think when Jesus had tattooed, the his opponents who called him as "eaten and drunkers" would have certainly mentioned.

"Johannes has come, did not ate and did not drink; So say: He is obsessed. The man's son has come, eat and drink; So say: behold, what is this person for a fallower and wine run, a friend of the customs and sinners! "

Matthew EgaGelium (Mt 11,18)

Addendum: Oh, you mOnce, if you tattoo a Jesus representation - then you do not come to hell, but you should definitely avoid countries like North Korea.


I also believe that tattoos do not do with it have if you come to hell. I also do not know which people put such rumors into the world but if you want to tattoo, do it and enjoy it.

Tato's hell?

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