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Does anyone know how to find friends: D?


UHM- This question is already very unpleasant as well as my many other questions :)) ..

As I said maybe someone has good tips on how to find friends, so probably in real life, as well as on the internet ??

Feel me lately a bit alone and need people again with me which I can talk and can exchange things ?? Or I need general friends ?? : /

Naja can give someone's good tips ??

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I find it most importantly, open and interested by everyday life to go. Openness show, friendliness, helpful, looking around, look at others, simple and irrelevant things say if you stand next to / with someone ....

Then upright posture, bissl shoot in motion, clothing, Hair, cleanliness ....

Moving there where people move their age ....

That's what I think so.


To get to know online people, you could move there where you are interested in. For example, there are from different YouTube Communities Discord servers. If you have a community that you feel connected, you can look in there.

in the real environmentCould you also get to know new people about Hobbies. I have z. B. in the gym two friends to know why I am very grateful now.

I find your question absolutely comprehensible and not embarrassing, if people have a "filled" life with school / work, household, hobbies And friends, it is difficult as somehow new between.

In any case,


In real life, you can just appeal to people You are sympathetic, eg at school, at work etc.

On the Internet I have never searched friends, but simply found by accident therefore I can not say so much

If you feel alone or lonely, I link you a wonderful oneVideo of shorts



Yubo is one Very good app to find friends, got to know an incredibly great people there.

Does anyone know how to find friends: D?

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