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Is there something like female "Incels"?


Are there forums for women / girls who are somehow for men like air and who never has someone interest to exchange and support them? So of course, to a positive way not to hate men or make each other down, but to try to help themselves. Because somehow one hears hardly that there are women with such problems, the partout can not find a partner and where nothing happens, and you feel so totally alone. I do not now mean 1: 1 something like Incels, because you can always go to prostitutes etc, but rather on no normal relationships and then there are / well-loneliness, no good social skills, look far from beauty ideal.



Yes, there is no such thing (Femcels), but is not a common phenomenon. A corresponding forum would not be known to me.

Of course, on a positive way not to hate men or to make each other down, but to try to help themselves.

But that would not be the ideology. The entire INCEL ideology is built on hatred.



Hello Stella,

In the net I have a "Femcel Forum" Discovered in the USA. But there was strict men's ban, as such a forum of course is again the goal of slobbering men.

The women have distributed the heart each other. Often on a very hopeless way. I remember a ZUTRAG: "Every morning I look in the mirror and ask me: How could God anunt me?"

The basic mood seemed very resignative to me. It was about that "caught." I can not remember hatred for the men. Unfortunately, women are often self-destructive.


Femcel is called the.


This is very rare in women. I would not be aware of such a forum.


Do not use a word whose meaning you do not know.

As "Incel" men are called the unattractive and socially incompetent and are Wishes to work and prefer women to blame that they are lonely. This is thus always associated with hatred.

instead of this "trendWord "to use, just refer to you differently.

Is there something like female

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