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Is sodomy actually widespread?



In my puberty, so with 12-16 I have let me satisfy a few times from my dog ​​orally and can go very badly badly that I did something like that.

I feel no sexual and no amorous attraction to my dog ​​or any other animal and have terrible guilt, because I did that. I was an ignorant, stupid child who wanted to try out, yes, but yet I hate myself terrible for that because I hurt such a thing in an incredible and it disgusts me to have done such a thing.

however Did I hear that that does not happen so rarely and have already tried some something like that. Is that true?

Has any of you ever heard or ownE expertise made in the field (please no perverse answers to this question, that is emotionally very important to me because I'm so ashamed and feeling one of the absolutely only to be the same (and are not zoophil) and really Think that I'm a very terrible bad comic person .... I hate so much ...

What do you say? LG

I do not know from anyone, but that means nothing.

I think that's easy to do with curiosity, you have no interest in the dog, you just wanted to know how that is orally satisfied, and since the dog can not talk, you need to talk Do not expect anything.

That this is not good, you do not have to talk about that. You know it and have learned from it, but I would simply push the hormones into the shoes.


At that time you were in the Pubertaet, - and you try a lot! - That's why you are not a bad person, - so let the memory of the incident finally to the files. - I too have hired in the Pubertaet so some crap, but I'm still with MiR and my way to live completely.


You are exaggerating and surviving with continuous thinking, and invests on a car assessment, which could think of immaginarian ideas about you if you think you ,

or, if you would live in a world full of Orc (nothing against orcs), you would probably be too contemporary if you had not done certain tarts.

The symbolism is therefore x-arbitrary, and from a certain point one sees only peripheral madness of the repetition of beliefs, which then exist for itself without departure.

Because questions are prohibited. Why should that be bad if it felt good? That would also notice that, which is of course thinking. Otherwise hideWe, when we excite ourselves.

In the sense, of course, you have no comparison, which proceeds behind locked doors, because everyone hides in front of the voices in mind.

And in the end, a variety of EUF is usually a variety of, just because it can judge and condemn it, so that it does not come to its ugly way, and to show the object of the cause, although its evaluation Even the object helps live.

or, anyone who condemns you is also a broken soul. Broken in the sense, not to see how own his state is during thinking.

In the sense, see like chimpanzees. Just because monkeys become wild, you do not have to be a monkey. Even if it can be beautiful, with intelligentto communicate animals.

Sodomy is actually widespread?

No, decreases. In the past there was "in the countryside" no opportunity for children and pubendous to operate sexually. Then there was probably a cow or goat. And for girls then the dog.

Now there is this need now Hardly any more and therefore it happens much less.

But you must have no guilty conscience in the past. As long as you did not have any animal suffering, it's ok. You learned from it; And that's the most important thing in life.


You were at that time in puberty.

Since you ever do things that you can not understand older.

YouBut do not need a guilty conscience because, your dog was not forced or tormented.

He did it from himself.

Is sodomy actually widespread?

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