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How can I obtain more self-except?


Do not even know if it is so at all. And with me it is so I am always amongst other place. I always look for the mistake with me, and I can almost never say no. And most of all, I'm very quiet because I just think that nobody wants to listen to me anyway. I want to change it finally.

Does anyone (effective) tips?


Somewhere you have to start a beginning, the rest is "learning by doing".

Sage deliberately "no" if you do not like something. Separate connections to people who hardly give you something back. Get aware of your own strengths and recognize that the others are only people who also have mistakes.

Treat yourself as you would treat a good friend.


Making sports and increase self-confidence then you have more respect for you, others also because you do sports + more self-confidence

maybe a little more open and say your mind or what you think yourself To be speaker instead of the listener


There are numerous elThose who have neglected their children did not praise themselves. If you do not say anyone from the outside, "you're valuable, do you run rum as empty / nothing rum"

If the parents did not make their job properly, snap a mirror and tell loving things to you. Again and again daily, over weeks. While it is a self-deception but she works as long as the loving thoughts you say to you are true, it feels like self-burdens.

The word Respect is literally look back. It is also talking about self-esteem, there are psychodynamic feedback between your claims to yourself and the resulting expectations of your outside world.

Self-mandatory is also relatedSelf-proofness is about satisfaction exercises, psychohygiene, shortly you decide with your free will whether you think negative thoughts (negative stress emissions) or positive.

I know that with listening. Before you talk to groups in front of groups. In the school class, you learn to talk to groups and in units, you will be doing well, you can speak well even if the initially insecurity should prevail


jump over your own shadow. Apply the courage to open the mouth, without fear of having resonance. Can not do anyone anyway.

Well considered acting (I still have to learn;). Just make and the fear of rejection like an empty sheet of paperCollege in the right hand and put in the trouser pocket.

eyes to and through. Get respect respect and do not be too exaggerated, as that of many people is considered weakness.


for example by meditation.

How can I obtain more self-except?

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