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Good idea to go to the cinema with a woman?


Have a woman invited to the cinema? Good idea or rather bad idea? We have never met us before. I think she is very nice and did not mind if more of it would become more.


In the cinema you sit in silence side by side. For a first meeting that is pretty immunicative. I would find it better to be able to consume instead of consuming a movie.


Would go to the cinema in the afternoon or in the evening and get to know at noon, entertain in a café or in a park etc.


Cinema is ok, but makes something active in advance, where you can talk. For example, a walk, food, coffee, ...


Men like to move, while women really like to talk in peace. Just as a rule of thumb, that can of course be different in individual cases.

Cinema actually corresponds to KEInes of the two needs.

Cones, mini-golf or easy walking in the park or zoo are much more interesting. If you have been a little sporty since bouldering, swimming or skating (depending on the season) also quite good.


Would someone invite me to the cinema at the first date, I would have worried on the forehead . What is that supposed to do and what does he do?

My advice: Swinging completely. Invect something that the cinema is closed on the day or you no longer got tickets. Then you go into the zoo with her, donate an ice cream and decide spontaneously as it goes on.

Good idea to go to the cinema with a woman?

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