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Can you somehow change something about the "symptoms" of puberty?



ITS Me Again :)

My girlfriend and I have continuous mood swings. Let's cuddle and say how much we love each other and let us insult each other as H * Rensohn / daughter ...

It is also really annoying this "durability". I Mean condoms are really expensive.

Can you somehow change something? It's just corrosive. Both are both 15 if it should be relevant.

Thank you for your help :)

LG Felix


No, you can not. You have to do that.

You may be informed about other contraceptives. There is really some possibilities, even hormone-free. Maybe something for you, which can be an alternative to condoms. Incidentally, I mean that your EFH wanted to inform you at a suitable place, so e.g. at the doctor or something.

That you insulted each other, has little to do with puberty.


That one offends mutually, nothing to do with puberty. This is simply a lack of respect - and will bring significant problems later in a partnership.

And what your alleged continuous liligence is concerned: seeks a job, goesout, meet friends with friends. There are more than sex in life.


You could start learning not to give every impulse immediately but also reflect short 2 seconds too ^^


Learn behavior. Practice self-control.

Can you somehow change something about the

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