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Why do I think so philosophical, that's normal?


I think a lot about philosophical issues and questions, such as the meaning of life and human existence, the role of man and the meaning he has for the world, about ethics and morality, about the limits Our knowledge and about all that could still give, but that is unattainable for us, not to grab and understand.
I think about it every day and realize that I'm not doing well. Even with everyday and normal topics, I slide again and again into this philosophical way of thinking and questioning the actually normal things. Does anybody else feel like this? Is that normal? How can I stop with it? I always feel that if I would think less philosophically, then I take the really importantN questions of life, becomes a superficial man and dead. But at the same time my mindset also makes me very unhappy and often I desperate.


The everyday man thinks about the particular one, e.g. unexplained phenomena. The philosopher thinks about the everyday, e.g. About the question: Why do I do what I do?

Of great importance is that thinking is somewhere leads to a meaningful practical action. If this is missing, then thinking about the question x does not make sense.

Then I take the really important questions of life

The opposite is unfortunately attributable to: Through too many of these questions, you rather oversee that really important: Life, friendships, Experiences.

Philosophy is the crown on top of it, if you know a lot of other and really well knows in life.

Philosophy is not the FundaMent of lifestyle or everyday use.

Try to appreciate you more practical and useful knowledge for everyday life. Understand Mathematics, Science, Craft, Garden. Receive and appreciate many destinations and other cultures. Recognize how different you can see the world.

The philosophical questioning is only beneficial if you know enough. Not when you are quasi in the fog stood.


A very good question. Of course, superficial people live carefree than you, but your mindset is characterized as "especially". You just realized that life is not a pony farm (banal said). With your problem, I have already tuned for a lifetime. Can only advise you, for the joy you for you and forR others feel thankful and accept that you alone will not change it to improve the world.

See you like-minded and live your life with its advantages you can enjoy and can not be very sad about what you see and feel. Just stay the way you are: a conscious, profound person.


I find you make an elephant from a mosquito. Everyone has asked such questions as you describe them ever. And many think about something like that regularly. So do not worry: you are not special at all.

If you do not make such thoughts, you will not become a superficial man, no. Because what you do with "philosophisch "is just enough to do very little with real philosophy.

If you do well, to allow for such minds, then do it. It does not hurt. If you leave it, you will But no "worse" man.


That you are dealing with meaningful issues and more profound themes is very good, but you have to be careful that it does not affect you too. Of course you should At some point, too, to keep you all too much with meaningful questions, which can be in the long run, I find a depression. I also had that, such thoughts, no matter where I was, I liked her, but sometime you destroyed me and give me the feeling I could never be happy again in this world or ÜbLast, if I only exist, no matter where.

You have to set a border, but a unconscious. That comes from alone, if you are more concerned with it, it's not relevant to you Why you live etc., but as you can enjoy your life in full pieces.

Why do I think so philosophical, that's normal?

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