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Why does it make me so when a woman is no longer virgin?


Find that always unpleasant, and can never kiss such women. Can only feel comfortable with virgins. Only what is that, it is washed, and so. Nevertheless, it is always heavily burdens, depending on the number of your liabilities.


Sounds for me after a disruption of your sexuality.

And if you had sex yourself, it is a double morale. Or would never be left a woman if the same standard is applied to you.

The reason for this could be a very low self-confidence. The disgust could only be an excuse or overpass or justification. The real reason could be e.g. Fear that a woman who has already experience has made your performance seemed.

So the whole thing is explained by failure. And to protect yourself from this negative event, they are developed disgust before women who are more experienced.

I also see the alternative of Osterkaniggel as possible. So you simply eggn disturbed relationship with women who are expressed in objectification and sexism.

Where both explanations do not exclude. Also objectification and sexism can be called in fears.


Congratulations to your double moral.

Why you feel that so I can not tell you it is at any rate Extremely bad mindset and not only immensely negative of the woman, but probably also bad for its own ego.

If I have to advise? Maybe you look at women rather than the man inferior or just as a sex toys (spitz said) and nobody likes to play with the toy of others.


If the women would see that too, You actuallyImmediately go to the monastery, because then never happened in life again.

I would be interested in how old you are, virgins refers to a specific age group. At some point the train is also traced for you from age.


Low self-esteem I would say. You are very uncertain. Since you should work on your self-confidence.


You probably are either very ownership and look at women just as something you like to own (ie objects) or you are simply very uncertainty and have a fear of that a girl with experience Compare you or compare claims.

Why does it make me so when a woman is no longer virgin?

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