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Lesbian or Bi?


I thought my life long, I would be lesbian because I just always felt attracted to girls. But since the latest dreams I dream that I'm in love with guys and have still butterfly in the stomach while waking up. Besides, since I started, many male anime crush's. Nothing has changed in "real-life". Am maybe I'm Bi?


I know that such a thing can engage, but do not try to do so many thoughts.

For me the best way was to find out what I want and "what I am Am "to give my feelings freedom. If you develop interest or feelings for a boy, not only because you think you're lesbian "should".


Hey Chisanakuma,

You are still in puberty. Much can change.

However, I would say that you are currently BI.



Yes but the BI is a spectrum.

Enjoy the best of the feelings and forget the labels

Lesbian or Bi?

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