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Would you have someone with Down Syndrome data?


Have just seen an interesting documentary about people with Down Syndrome. Paul (18) wants to find his dream woman but she should be healthy. He has hope but his mother told him very hot that probably a dream will remain. What about with you?

No Choose 79%

Perhaps Choose 13%

Yes Choose 8%


I expect from a relationship of mutual exchange at eye level and possibilities to achieve higher and achieve goals. This would not be possible with an impaired person.


I have nothing against the Down syndrome and people can not do anything for it, but I would not feel really good with such a thing and Honestly, I would not handle that well with it. I do not know if that would be different at some time but this is so my attitude.


No, even under healthy women I am important to me.

Of course you would like to talk to his partner about everything and together make important decisionsnen.


No, happy to be happy to be together in no case - with the restrictions I could not live in a relationship.


Not from an optical aspect, but rather that I would possibly feel like I would be with a child, which would be very difficult for me.

Would you have someone with Down Syndrome data?

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