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Relationship and size?


Hello everyone together so quite a lot of people find it funny that my girlfriend is size than I'm 1,69 and my girlfriend 1,80 will find it weird or is it normal in the relationship please help


Normal in the sense of "usual and widespread" is certain not.

In the overwhelming majority of partnerships, the man is greater.

As long as you They like, but it does not matter what others do or mean. Enjoy your partnership and finished.


The image is widespread that boys must be bigger than their girlfriend, but that's a chess. Main thing you are happy together. Of course it can work for some irritating, but as long as it does not bother you, everything fits


I found it a bit weird. My first girlfriend was bigger than me and I do not really need that anymore.

gives some men where the woman is bigger, butThis does not correspond to the rule.

Everyone should and must decide that themselves. One feels that disturbing, the other does not.


This is rather the rule than the exception. Not that the women in the relationship are greater, but that great women prefer small men and vice versa. Thus, the risk of great or small offspring is prevented.

The vernacular also says, "opposites attract!"


Well ... Normal is basically what the standard corresponds. Since women are usually smaller than men, it can not be normal in the sense so far.

However, I will not see any problem. It may be that you harvest and again, alone, because youRarer are the same as the standard, but that's why I would not shear myself.

As long as you are satisfied, everything is fine.

Relationship and size?

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