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What do you think of K-POP?


I like K-POP very much and I would just be interested in what you think about it. Whether you like it or you are not so big fan of it, whether your people who despise hearing or whether it does not matter ..... Something like that in the way.


I like K-pop very much, listen to music actively for over 3 years. I have almost 200 artists in my K-Pop playlist (of course not all), have some album and was already on a concert.

I think the music really is very good, as there are so many different genres and the Groups (unlike yes e.g. American artists) also proper performances with beautiful choreographies lying down, which inspire me again and again. And also the many content that is baked next to the music I think I like.


I personally was a very large fan of K-Pop, meanwhile I just like to hear the songs. You can definitely not deny that the songs and music videos EinfacH the hammer are, I do not believe that there is so much trouble like the people in the K-Pop industry. I also like K-Dramas very much, who always have good stories and are well played :)


So I find K-POP very well and I'm glad I discovered it . There are Mega many genres in K-Pop and thus I never get boring XD besides, most idols are very polite and funny. There are hardly any k-pop songs that I do not like under all those I've heard and that's why I like to support the idols as they work very hard. LG


I am a very big fan of K-Pop :) The Korean language is as beautiful as if it was done exactly for the music. My favorite group is BTS but AktiI also hear other groups <3 Joa, also mir persönlich gefällt es sehr gut und ich kanns auch jedem empfehlen ^^


I do not like it at all. I despise people the Kpop do not like at all, but I can not quite understand. Is it because of dancing? The appearance of the Groups? I can hardly imagine that it is because of the music.

What do you think of K-POP?

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