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Have people been warned enough?


Other response choose 40%

No, the warning was too weak choose 33%

Yes, the warning was sufficient choose 27%


It is important to puke that after a catastrophe always "the culprit" is being searched


MMN would be much more meaningful to do everything To help you find out of the chaos into a sensible new life. Mary

The authorities have received 9 days, 4 days and 24 hours before the disaster very precise warnings and predictions, from Extra-created European warning system for floods and floods and you hold all these warnings ignored! It is not to be grasped, ignorance, arrogance and incompetence to almost all levels.

But for this the Prime Minister of NRW is a funny guy who can even laugh and fleix if the federal governmentPresident complains of the dead and adds the surviving courage.


Do you mean the flood?

Yes, it would Sufficient. Already 24 hours before warned the DWD before, extremely strong, nationwide rainfalls with high flooding danger "

warning color violet. More is not possible.

But people are disaster dement and ignore that. Domingo

The authorities Yes, the citizens no. Death-pre-90871371.html


For decades, natural disasters have been proclaimed; Instead of putting the money, for example, in the military complex and weapons arsenal in countries such as DSelling Human Rights Instrent State Saudi Arabia, could one have been able to use this for a long time in advance for any security measures ... The state is always a little active only when the child has already been distributed with the bath ... usually, if Shortly then elections pending ...

... therefore the relaxation. After the elections, we will be detained again ....

It is always interesting to observe how people lust on their own freedom rights, but on the other side want to make themselves dependent on the state ... Apart from that, That they do not buckles, as they slowly take one and other freedom ...

Greeting Fantho

Have people been warned enough?

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